Our office is equipped with the latest advances in dental technology.  Some of these advances include Dexis Digital x-ray system, intra-oral camera, Diagnodent cavity detection, televisions in each treatment room and secure email encryption for all patient and doctor communications.

The Dexis Digital x-ray system is one of the top-rated digital x-ray systems on the dental market.  With digital imaging, we can provide instant diagnosis, which reduces patient wait time at our office.  These digital images are clean, crisp and clear enabling more accurate diagnosis and treatment.  You will be able to instantly see your own x-rays from the patient viewing screen in each treatment room.  Other added benefits of digital x-rays are increased comfort level of the patient as well as reduced radiation exposure.  Your time and comfort level are important to us and we want to do everything we can to provide you with a safe and pleasant experience.

Our intra-oral camera allows us to take on the spot photos of the inside of your mouth with the simple click of a button.  These images are then transferred to our computer screens for instant diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnodent cavity detection system allows us to detect cavities at an earlier stage.  The Diagnodent is a handheld laser tool that aids in early cavity detection.  Each tooth produces laser readings which will indicate if there are hidden decay underneath the tooth's surface.  This enables us to provide earlier cavity detection and treatment.

Completely remodeled in 2010, our office has a modern look with an emphasis on patient comfort.  Each of our 4 treatment rooms are equipped with a television and cable access for your comfort and enjoyment.  Sit back, relax, watch some television and enjoy the view from the top floor of our building.  With a sprawling view of the San Fernando Valley and neighboring mountains, our office provides the ultimate in comfort and scenery. 

In today's age of email and online communications, we want to do everything we can to ensure that your protected health information is safe and secure.  All of our patient and doctor communications are sent through an encrypted email service.  You can rest assured knowing that your protected health information is safe and secure when communicating with our office.

Safety and sterilization are of utmost importance to us.  We autoclave (the use of superheated steam under pressure) all of our dental instruments and drills.  Anything that goes into your mouth is either autoclaved or disposable.  We are in compliance with all of the latest OSHA standards and requirements.  Your health and safety are important to us.

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